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Jakarta -Soekarno-Hatta-

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. The population of this country is about 240 million, twice as many as Japan!!
The airport of Jakarta is Soekarno-Hatta International airport. 
This airport is located on the west of Jakarta.


(in addition)
In the popular music ranking on Jakarta, there are many foreigner artists. This is a difference from Tokyo. For example, a song of Camila Cabello is ranked as the top recently.

I asked the popular Indonesian musicians to a co-worker in Jakarta, and he told me some artists. Listen and feel their mental scenery.



Mitaka is known for popular residential area.
Between Mitaka and Kichijoji, there is a big park surrounded by nature.


<in addition>
There is a museum of Studio Ghibli, a famous animation studio of Japan.
To enter this museum, a ticket is needed. But this ticket is sold out every month fast.
One of a famous product of this studio is "Spirited Away"- "Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi" in Japanese. This movie is also known its beautiful music.

There is a lyric in English.



Shimokitazawa is a friendly town with many cafes and used-clothing shops.
This town is good for a light walking in sunny days because there is no arcade.


<in addition>
In Japan, vintage clothing are popular and some fashion models on magazines wears those clothes. There are many TV talent from fashion model (kyary-pamyupamyu etc.). Some of them acts on TV CM.
(one scene of school days)

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Kichijoji is the most popular town for residence in Japan.
There is a park surrounded by nature and cafes, and shopping mall.
Walking around this city is refreshing.


<in addition>
There is many artists related with this town.
A musician was making music there when he was not so famous.
An actress is picked up when she is walking there. And so on.
(A long popular music by the musician)

the lyric of this song is here in Japanese, you can see this with Google translation.

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Shibuya is known for a town of young fashion along with Harajuku.
Recently many IT company have offices in this town, so there are many businessman, too.
A live stream of Shibuya in Youtube.


<in addition>
There is a TV station related with Government, and they creates a lot of popular products taking advantage of the network. 
(for example "project X", "Kohaku Uta Gassen")
And theme song of their products sometimes become popular.
(one of such case)


Harajuku is an epicenter of culture, there are many shops selling unique things.
Many young people come this town from anywhere.


<in addition>
Harajuku is known for new young fashion and art. 
Maybe the most related artist to this town is Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.
She is related with "kawaii", too.

This is a lyric of the song written in Japanese.
If you want to read, translate with Google.


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Shinjuku is located around the biggest terminal station of Japan.
There is the most selling department store, the biggest book store, many bars, cinemas, luxury brand stores, cafes and etc.


<in addition>
A famous artist in Japan has a popular song starts with the word "Shinjuku".
This artist produced a takeover ceremony of Olympic in 2016.

This is a lyric page of the song written in Japanese.
 You may read it with Google translation.

p.s. As you see by the picture on this page, Shinjuku has a lot of beautiful scene.
I took almost all of them recently, and make it a kindle book.

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